Photo model salary

30 600 kr

Event salespeople and store demonstrators etc.

What will be the salary after tax?

30 600 - 30 700 kr / month

Women earn 100% of what men do.

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Salary progression Photo model

Average salary 30 600 kr
Males 30 600 kr
Females 30 600 kr

Model: An Overview of the Profession

Working as a model involves representing clothes, accessories, and other products by posing for photoshoots and participating in fashion shows. Models can work for fashion houses, advertising agencies, magazines, or as freelancers. The profession often requires flexibility, creativity, and the ability to express different emotions and styles through body language and facial expressions.

Salary and Wage Statistics for Models

The average salary for a model in Sweden is 30 600 kronor per month. It is worth noting that both men and women earn equally in this profession, with an average salary of 30 600 kronor. Therefore, women earn 100% of what men do in the same profession. Compared to last year, the average salary has increased from 28 700 to 30 600 kronor, indicating a positive trend in the wage development for models.

Education and Requirements to Become a Model

There is no formal education required to become a model, but many choose to participate in modeling courses or workshops to improve their skills. These courses may include training in posing, runway walking techniques, and how to best handle a photoshoot. A strong portfolio with professional photos is often crucial to secure jobs in the industry.

To succeed as a model, it is also necessary to have a certain physical appearance that is in demand by the industry. This can include everything from height and body structure to unique facial features. It is also important to have a good work ethic and be able to handle criticism and rejection, which are common in the modeling industry.

Job Responsibilities and Working Environment

Models participate in a variety of job tasks, including photoshoots for magazines and advertising campaigns, fashion shows, and sometimes even event sales and store demonstration jobs. The working environment can vary significantly depending on the assignment; one day may be spent in a photo studio while the next may involve traveling to different locations for outdoor shoots.

Models often have to work irregular hours and may need to travel extensively depending on where the assignments are. Flexibility and adaptability are therefore important qualities for those who want to succeed in the profession.

Considerations for Becoming a Model

For those considering a career as a model, it is important to be aware of both the advantages and challenges. It can be a glamorous and lucrative career for those who succeed, but it is also an industry with tough competition and uncertain working conditions. Having a strong portfolio, good networking skills, and a professional attitude can increase the chances of success.

It is also important to consider that the modeling industry can be demanding both physically and mentally. Taking care of one's health and having a strong support network can be crucial to managing stress and pressure from the profession.

Who has the highest salary?
The highest salary for a Photo model is 30700 kr. This salary belongs to a woman working in the Privately employed officials with a high school education, 3 years. The highest salary for a man in this profession is 30600 kr.
Who has the lowest salary?
The lowest salary for a Photo model is 30600 kr. Both men and women in this profession have the same lowest salary and work in the Multiple sectors.
Salary per sector
Salary based on education

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All information displayed on this page is based on data from the Swedish Central Bureau of Statistics (SCB) and the Swedish Tax Agency. Learn more about our data and data sources here.

All figures are gross salaries, meaning salaries before tax. The average salary, or mean salary, is calculated by adding up the total salary for all individuals within the profession and dividing it by the number of individuals. For specific job categories, we have also considered various criteria such as experience and education.

Profession Photo model has the SSYK code 5241, which we use to match against the SCB database to obtain the latest salary statistics.

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Net salary 31 450
Net salary
31 450
11 658
12 134

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