About Statsskuld.se

Economics Presented in a Simple Way!

Statsskuld.se is a unique hub designed to assist you with everyday economic questions. For example, moving to another municipality can affect your net salary by thousands of kronor; in such cases, our net salary calculator shows the significant difference in your wallet each month.

Since our inception in 2013, we have assisted in millions of financial decisions.

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Our Mission

At Statsskuld.se, we aim to demystify complex economic terms and processes. By providing current and historical data on Sweden's national debt, inflation, interest rates, and more, we aim to enable everyone to make well-informed economic decisions. Our platform is designed to be a reliable resource for both individuals and professionals seeking a clear understanding of economic trends and their impact on their finances.

Economic Overview

Updated data on Sweden's national debt, interest rates, and inflation.

Salary Calculator

A tool that helps you calculate your net salary after tax, tailored to your municipality and personal circumstances.

Analyses and Forecasts

Regular updates and analyses on important economic events and how they can affect you.

News and Insights

The latest information on economic changes and opinion trends.

Founder and owner

Statsskuld.se was founded 2013 by Richard Andersson and is today maintained by WebFinance Digital i Sverige AB
Org-number: 559162-0900.