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Here you can calculate your or the employee's gross salary based on net; Enter the net salary in the form to calculate the necessary gross salary required to reach the stated net salary, the calculation takes employer contribution, municipal and county council tax and any church contribution into account.

If you want to calculate your net salary instead, we have a tool for that called calculate net pay.

Swedish Church Member

* Updated with 2024 taxes

Salary, Taxes, and Fees
Net salary 30 615
Net salary
30 615
11 302
11 763

Calculate Gross Salary from Net

This page provides a tool to calculate the gross salary required to achieve a specific net salary after deductions for taxes and fees. It is an indispensable resource for employers who want to understand the total cost of hiring staff based on the net salary they wish to offer. The function takes into account variables such as municipal tax, county tax, any church fee, and employer contributions, providing a comprehensive picture of what an employee's net salary actually means for the company in terms of gross salary.

How the Gross Salary is Calculated

Our method for converting net salary to gross salary includes detailed treatment of several factors:

  • Taxable Income: The basis for calculation, where we consider the salary remaining after basic deductions and other tax calculations.
  • Tax Rates: Adjusts the calculation according to local tax rates, including municipal and county taxes, which reflect where you live.
  • Job Deduction: A deduction that benefits work and affects the total tax rate.
  • Church Fee and Burial Fee: Additional fees for members of the Swedish Church, as well as a fixed fee for everyone for burial costs.
  • Employer Contribution: A significant cost for the employer, reflecting the government's charges for social services and insurance related to employment.

Use Cases

This tool is perfect for:

  • Employers: To calculate the total cost of an employee, including all taxes and fees.
  • Employees: To understand how their gross salary is affected by various tax rates and fees, and what is required to achieve a desired net salary.
  • Accountants and Financial Managers: As a resource to quickly calculate and adjust salaries in accordance with tax laws and local fees.

By using this tool, you can gain deeper insight into the actual costs behind a net salary and make more informed decisions regarding salary setting and budgeting.

Calculate Gross Salary from Net

  • The employer pays

    Total cost for company

    50 321 kr
  • Employer fee

    This is a fee your employer pays

    -11 696 kr
  • Your gross salary

    This is your salary before deductions, taxes, and fees.

    = 38 625 kr
  • Basic Allowance

    A deduction that lowers taxable income.

    -1 400 kr
  • Taxable income

    This is what taxes and fees are calculated on

    =37 225 kr
  • Employment tax credit

    A tax reduction on earned income, intended to increase work incentives by reducing the tax burden.

    +3 359 kr
  • Municipal tax

    The municipal tax in Stockholm is 17.98%

    -6 693 kr
  • County tax

    The tax in your county is 12.38%

    -4 608 kr
  • State income tax

    An extra 20 percent tax is levied on income above that 598 500 kr per year

    -0 kr
  • Church fee

    If you are a member of the Church of Sweden, you also pay church fees

    -0 kr
  • Burial fee

    A mandatory fee charged by Stockholms domkyrkoförs. diocese (in your municipality) 0.18%

    -67 kr

  • Your net salary

    This is what you get to keep after taxes and fees

    30 615 kr
  • Taxes & Fees

    This is what you and the employer paid in total in taxes and fees

    19 706 kr

Please note that we chose to round the result, this means that there may be a slight difference between reality and our calculation.

Understanding Your Gross Salary in Sweden: A Detailed Walkthrough

Your Gross Salary: The Starting Point for Your Net Salary

Your gross salary as you specified to 38 625 SEK, is the first step in the salary calculation. It is the amount on your pay slip before any deductions are made, which forms the basis for the calculation of the amount that ultimately reaches your bank account (the net salary).

Basic Deduction: Reducing Your Taxable Income

The basic deduction in your case calculated to 1 400 SEK; is a tax deduction that reduces the part of your income that is taxable. This deduction varies depending on income and other factors, and its purpose is to provide each individual with a tax relief space for part of the income.

Taxable Income: What the Tax is Calculated On

After your basic deduction is applied, the remaining sum becomes your taxable income, in your case calculated to 37 225 SEK. It is this amount that your municipal and state taxes and any church fees are based on.

Municipal Tax: Impact of Your Residence

Where you live plays an important role as the municipal tax varies depending on the municipality. In Stockholm the tax is 17.98%(6 693 SEK) of your taxable income. This tax funds local services such as schools, healthcare, and infrastructure.

County Tax: Your Contribution to Regional Welfare

The county tax is a tax that goes to your region or county and is used to fund regional services such as hospitals and public transport. Like the municipal tax, this is a significant part of your total tax rate and reflects the value of the services you have access to. Where you live in Stockholm the county tax is 12.38% which becomes 4 608 SEK.

Church Fee for Members of the Swedish Church

As a member of the Swedish Church, you pay a church fee, which varies between different parishes. This fee is also part of the taxable income and is included in the calculation of your net salary. Since you have not indicated that you are a member of the Swedish Church, you only pay the funeral fee which in your case is 67 SEK.

Net Salary Calculation: A Complete Perspective

We take into account all these factors - from your gross salary to your basic deduction, the taxable income, your place of residence and any church membership - to give you an accurate calculation of your net salary which we calculated to 30 615 SEK. Our calculator not only gives you figures but also an understanding of how the tax system affects your finances.

Use our calculator today to get a personalized and accurate estimate of your gross salary, so you can plan your finances with full insight and precision.

Note that the figures and calculations presented here are based on the individual data you have entered. This means that examples like your basic deduction, the taxable income, and the specific tax rates are tailored to your stated gross salary, place of residence and other relevant factors. Each user's situation is unique and the final calculated net salary amount may vary depending on these variables. We recommend that you use our calculator to get an accurate calculation of your own net salary, which takes into account all current and personal circumstances.