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Latest Poll from Demoskop: Minor Changes but Interesting Trends

The latest poll from Demoskop, published on May 19, 2024, shows minor but interesting changes in the political landscape. Here are the fresh figures compared to the previous Demoskop survey:

  • Left Party: 7.90% (7.60%)
  • Social Democrats: 35.10% (35.20%)
  • Green Party: 5.00% (4.40%)
  • Center Party: 4.20% (4.00%)
  • Liberals: 2.30% (2.70%)
  • Moderates: 19.30% (20.20%)
  • Christian Democrats: 3.60% (3.20%)
  • Sweden Democrats: 21.00% (20.80%)

Minor Changes but Major Implications

The Social Democrats remain stable at 35.10%, a marginal decrease from 35.20% in the previous Demoskop survey. The Left Party sees a slight increase to 7.90% from 7.60%, which could be interpreted as a sign of some strengthening within the left bloc.

The Green Party shows a noticeable increase to 5.00% from 4.40%, which is their highest rating in Demoskop since February 2024. The Center Party also increases slightly to 4.20% from 4.00%. The Liberals, however, drop to 2.30% from 2.70%, which could be concerning for the party already close to the parliamentary threshold.

Right Bloc: A Mixed Picture

The Moderates see a decrease to 19.30% from 20.20%, continuing a downward trend that has been observed in several polls recently. However, the Christian Democrats increase to 3.60% from 3.20%, which could give them some breathing room. The Sweden Democrats continue to strengthen their position with an increase to 21.00% from 20.80%, making them the second largest party in this survey.

Historical Trends

A look at the latest polls from other institutes shows that the Social Democrats have been relatively stable around 34-36% with minor fluctuations. The Left Party has also shown a stable trend around 7-8%, while the Green Party has seen a slight increase over the last month.

The Moderates have been on a downward trend since the beginning of the year, while the Sweden Democrats have been stable around 20-21%. The Christian Democrats have seen small increases but still remain below the 4% threshold in several surveys. The Liberals have been struggling and often fall below 3%, which is concerning for their future in parliament.


The latest Demoskop survey shows that the political landscape in Sweden is relatively stable, but with some interesting trends. The Left Party and the Green Party are seeing small increases, while the Moderates and Liberals are struggling with declines. The Sweden Democrats continue to strengthen their position, which could lead to interesting dynamics in the upcoming elections.

It will be exciting to see how these trends develop and what strategies the parties will use to gain the voters' trust moving forward.

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