Service technician, gas, LPG salary

36 800 kr

HVAC installers etc.

What will be the salary after tax?

36 100 - 36 800 kr / month

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Salary progression Service technician, gas, LPG

Average salary 36 800 kr
Males 37 000 kr
Females 0 kr

Salary for Service Technician, Gas, LPG

Service technicians working with gas and LPG earn an average of 36 800 kronor per month. This is an increase from the previous average salary of 36 000 kronor. Men in this profession earn slightly more, with an average monthly salary of 37 000 kronor. Unfortunately, we lack specific salary data for women in this field to provide a comparative view.

Job Duties for Service Technician, Gas, LPG

As a service technician specializing in gas and LPG, you work on the installation, maintenance, and repair of gas and LPG systems. This involves ensuring that the systems function properly, which may include anything from repairing leaks to conducting safety checks. Often, it also involves providing advice and guidance to customers on the use of gas and LPG products. The profession requires a good understanding of technical systems and safety regulations.

Education and Qualifications

To become a service technician in gas and LPG, one usually needs to undergo training in HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) with a specialization in gas. Training can be obtained at a vocational school or through apprenticeship programs that combine practical work with theoretical instruction. Certification and ongoing training are often necessary to stay updated on industry standards and safety regulations.

Job Opportunities and Job Market

According to the Labor Market Administration's forecasts, job opportunities for HVAC technicians, including service technicians in gas and LPG, are significant. The recruitment situation is characterized by a shortage of workforce, and demand is expected to remain unchanged over the next five years. This means that the chances of finding a job in this profession are good, both now and in the future.

Benefits in the Profession

Benefits may vary depending on the employer, but it is not uncommon for service technicians in gas and LPG to have access to paid training to stay updated on the latest technologies and safety regulations. Other possible benefits may include a company car, a paid mobile phone, and sometimes bonuses based on performance and company policy.

Considerations for Becoming a Service Technician, Gas, LPG

If you are interested in working as a service technician in gas and LPG, it is important to have a technical interest and be meticulous about safety regulations. The work can be physically demanding and may involve working in various environments, from private residences to industrial facilities. Flexibility and good problem-solving skills are also valuable traits in this profession.

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All information displayed on this page is based on data from the Swedish Central Bureau of Statistics (SCB) and the Swedish Tax Agency. Learn more about our data and data sources here.

All figures are gross salaries, meaning salaries before tax. The average salary, or mean salary, is calculated by adding up the total salary for all individuals within the profession and dividing it by the number of individuals. For specific job categories, we have also considered various criteria such as experience and education.

Profession Service technician, gas, LPG has the SSYK code 7125, which we use to match against the SCB database to obtain the latest salary statistics.

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