Sandwichman salary

25 000 kr

Other service workers

What will be the salary after tax?

23 200 - 33 700 kr / month

Women earn 97% of what men do.

Installation & drift/underhåll

Salary progression Sandwichman

Average salary 25 000 kr
Males 25 400 kr
Females 24 600 kr

Working as a Sandwichman: A Closer Look

Working as a Sandwichman, or in the category of Other Service Workers, often involves a varied workday where the main task is to promote goods or services in different locations. This can include carrying advertising signs, distributing flyers, or participating in various events to draw attention to a specific product or service.

Salary for Sandwichman

The average salary for the profession of Sandwichman is 25 000 SEK per month. There is a certain difference between men and women in this occupational group. Men earn an average of 25 400 SEK, while women earn 24 600 SEK, meaning that women earn 97% of what men do. It is worth noting that the salary for Sandwichman has increased from 24 200 SEK to 25 000 SEK since the last measurement.

Education and Requirements

To become a Sandwichman, formal education is usually not required. The most important qualities are being social, outgoing, and having the ability to attract attention. Some employers may prefer to hire individuals with experience in marketing or sales. Other important requirements include good physical condition as the work may involve long periods of standing and walking.


It is not uncommon for employers to offer certain benefits to their employees in this occupational group. Examples of such benefits may include paid training to improve marketing skills or providing necessary equipment such as mobile phones. However, this can vary depending on the employer.

Job Duties

As a Sandwichman, your main role is to attract the attention of customers. This can be done by wearing advertising clothing, using signs, or by directly interacting with potential customers. A great deal of creativity and initiative is required to succeed in this profession. Being able to improvise and adapt to different situations is also an important skill.


If you are considering working as a Sandwichman, it is important to note that the profession can be both physically and mentally demanding. You will need to be outdoors in various weather conditions and be prepared to interact with different types of people. It is also important to be aware that there may be some insecurity in the job, depending on demand and economic conditions.

In summary, the profession of Sandwichman is a dynamic and engaging occupation that suits those who are social, creative, and not afraid to stand out. With an average salary of 25 000 SEK and opportunities for various benefits, this profession can offer both challenges and rewards.

Who has the highest salary?
The highest salary for a Sandwichman is 33700 kr. This salary belongs to a man working in the Government sector with a upper secondary education, maximum 2 years. The highest salary for a woman in this profession is 28600 kr.
Who has the lowest salary?
The lowest salary for a Sandwichman is 23200 kr. This salary belongs to a man working in the Privately employed officials. The lowest salary for a woman in this profession is 23400 kr.
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Profession Sandwichman has the SSYK code 9629, which we use to match against the SCB database to obtain the latest salary statistics.

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