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What does it mean to work as a Hydrotherapist?

A Hydrotherapist works with treating patients using water in various forms and temperatures. This can involve hot baths, cold wraps, steam baths, or water massages. The goal of the treatment is often to relieve pain, improve blood circulation, and promote relaxation and healing. Hydrotherapy is often used as part of rehabilitation after injuries or surgeries, but can also be used to treat chronic diseases and pain conditions.

Salary and Job Market for Hydrotherapists

Unfortunately, there is currently no available data on the average salary for Hydrotherapists in Sweden, making it difficult to provide an exact figure. This means we lack specific salary information for both men and women in the profession. The latest survey shows no change in the average salary, which remains at 0 kronor. This could be due to the profession being relatively uncommon in Sweden or it being a category that is challenging to define and gather statistics for.

Education and Skills Requirements

To work as a Hydrotherapist, a typical requirement is education in alternative medicine or physiotherapy with a specialization in hydrotherapy. The education may vary depending on where you study, but it should include both theoretical and practical aspects. Typically, it includes anatomy, physiology, hydrology, and various water treatment techniques. In Sweden, it may be necessary to have a license as a physiotherapist, depending on the workplace and requirements.

What to Consider if You Want to Become a Hydrotherapist

If you are considering becoming a Hydrotherapist, you should be interested in working with people and have a strong desire to help others. You should also be comfortable working in an environment where water is a central element and be aware of the physical demands that may come with working with water treatments. Good communication skills and empathy are also important qualities.

Work Environment and Benefits

The work environment for a Hydrotherapist can vary depending on the workplace. Many work at rehabilitation centers, spa facilities, or within healthcare. It is important that the workplace is equipped with the right types of pools, bathtubs, and other water treatment equipment. Benefits may vary depending on the employer, but it is common for workplaces in health care to offer benefits such as paid further education and health care benefits.

Requirements to Get a Job

The job market for Hydrotherapists can be limited in Sweden, but there are opportunities, especially in rehabilitation and the spa industry. Having a broad education and being flexible with the workplace can increase your chances of getting a job. Additionally, having experience or specialization in a specific area of hydrotherapy is an advantage.

About the data

All information displayed on this page is based on data from the Swedish Central Bureau of Statistics (SCB) and the Swedish Tax Agency. Learn more about our data and data sources here.

All figures are gross salaries, meaning salaries before tax. The average salary, or mean salary, is calculated by adding up the total salary for all individuals within the profession and dividing it by the number of individuals. For specific job categories, we have also considered various criteria such as experience and education.

Profession Hydroterapeut has the SSYK code 3230, which we use to match against the SCB database to obtain the latest salary statistics.

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