Urologist salary

86 400 kr

Specialist doctors

What will be the salary after tax?

80 000 - 99 700 kr / month

Women earn 99% of what men do.

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Salary progression Urologist

Average salary 86 400 kr
Males 86 900 kr
Females 85 900 kr

Salary for Urologists

Urologists are specialized doctors who focus on diseases and conditions of the urinary tract and the male reproductive organs. They play a crucial role in healthcare, and their average salary reflects this responsibility. The average salary for a urologist is 86 400 SEK per month. Interestingly, there is a slight gender pay gap; men earn an average of 86 900 SEK while women earn 85 900 SEK, meaning that women earn 99% of what men do.

Changes in Average Salary

Over the past year, the average salary for urologists has increased from 83 200 SEK to 86 400 SEK, indicating a positive salary development within the profession. The highest salary for a urologist is 99700 SEK, belonging to a man working in the public sector with a research education. On the other end of the spectrum, the lowest salary is 80000 SEK, belonging to a man who is a privately employed official with a post-secondary education of 3 years or more.

Education and Career Path

Becoming a urologist requires a long and demanding education. After completing medical school, which takes approximately 5.5 years, one must undergo an internship (AT) for about 18-24 months. This is followed by a specialist training (ST) in urology, which takes an additional 5 years. In total, it can take up to 12-13 years to become a fully qualified urologist.

Job Responsibilities and Specializations

A urologist works on diagnosing and treating diseases of the urinary tract and the male reproductive organs. This includes everything from kidney stones and urinary tract infections to prostate cancer and male infertility. Urologists often perform surgeries, prescribe medications, and provide advice on lifestyle changes to improve patients' health.

Job Opportunities and Outlook

Nationally, the job prospects for specialist doctors, including urologists, are considered good. Over the next five years, demand for specialist doctors is expected to increase compared to today. However, there are recruitment difficulties in the profession, which may be due to high unemployment and the proportion of part-time workers, as well as many leaving the profession.

Benefits and Working Environment

In addition to a competitive salary, urologists can also benefit from various perks depending on the employer. These may include paid training to stay updated in their specialty area, as well as other benefits like a company phone or subsidized meals.

Considerations for Becoming a Urologist

Becoming a urologist requires not only extensive education but also a strong commitment to patient care and medical research. It is a profession that can be both physically and emotionally demanding, but also incredibly rewarding. To succeed in this profession, it is important to have good communication skills, patience, and a willingness to constantly learn and grow.

Who has the highest salary?
The highest salary for a Urologist is 99700 kr. This salary belongs to a man working in the Government sector with a postgraduate education. The highest salary for a woman in this profession is 95000 kr.
Who has the lowest salary?
The lowest salary for a Urologist is 80000 kr. This salary belongs to a man working in the Privately employed officials. The lowest salary for a woman in this profession is 83300 kr.
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