Traction reamers salary

33 100 kr

Grinders etc.

What will be the salary after tax?

31 400 - 33 100 kr / month

Industriell tillverkning

Salary progression Traction reamers

Average salary 33 100 kr
Males 33 100 kr
Females 0 kr

Introduction to the profession of Dragbroacher

Working as a Dragbroacher involves specializing in grinding and processing materials, often within the industrial sector. The profession is technically demanding and requires precision and accuracy. Dragbroachers work with various types of machinery and tools to shape and grind materials to specific dimensions and tolerances.

Salary for Dragbroacher

The average salary for a Dragbroacher is 33 100 SEK per month. This figure has not changed since the last measurement. Salary data for women in the profession is not available, but men earn an average of 33 100 SEK. Salaries may vary depending on experience, education, and the geographical location of the workplace.

Education and Qualifications

To become a Dragbroacher, a high school education in technology or industry is usually required, but there are also opportunities to participate in internal training programs in the workplace. Some employers offer paid training to ensure that employees have the necessary skills. Relevant courses in mechanical engineering and materials science can be advantageous.

Requirements for getting a job

To be employed as a Dragbroacher, it is important to have a good technical understanding and practical experience with machinery and tools. Employers often seek individuals who are meticulous, detail-oriented, and can work independently. Experience in similar professions within the industry is a significant advantage.

Job Duties and Working Environment

Dragbroachers work on grinding and shaping materials using specialized tools and machinery. Job duties may vary depending on the workplace but often include setting up and monitoring machinery, checking the quality of products, and performing regular equipment maintenance. The work environment can be noisy, and individuals often work in workshop settings.

Benefits and Working Conditions

Benefits for Dragbroachers may vary depending on the employer. Some workplaces offer paid training to develop employees' skills. Other potential benefits may include work clothes, wellness subsidies, and in some cases, a company-paid mobile phone. It is important to investigate the specific benefits offered by the potential employer.


Being a Dragbroacher is a profession that requires technical skill and precision. With an average salary of 33 100 SEK per month and opportunities for paid training, it is an attractive profession for those interested in working in the industry. To succeed in the profession, having relevant education, practical experience, and a good understanding of mechanical engineering and materials science is crucial.

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About the data

All information displayed on this page is based on data from the Swedish Central Bureau of Statistics (SCB) and the Swedish Tax Agency. Learn more about our data and data sources here.

All figures are gross salaries, meaning salaries before tax. The average salary, or mean salary, is calculated by adding up the total salary for all individuals within the profession and dividing it by the number of individuals. For specific job categories, we have also considered various criteria such as experience and education.

Profession Traction reamers has the SSYK code 7224, which we use to match against the SCB database to obtain the latest salary statistics.

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Salary, Taxes, and Fees
Net salary 31 450
Net salary
31 450
11 658
12 134

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