Concrete casters salary

33 800 kr

Machine operators, cement, stone and concrete products

What will be the salary after tax?

32 800 - 35 900 kr / month

Women earn 97% of what men do.

Industriell tillverkning

Salary progression Concrete casters

Average salary 33 800 kr
Males 33 900 kr
Females 32 800 kr

Salary and Work for Concrete Workers

Concrete workers play a crucial role in the construction industry, contributing to the building of everything from roads and bridges to buildings and other structures. The profession requires both technical skill and physical endurance, making it a challenging yet rewarding job. Here, we will go through the salary, education, and working conditions for concrete workers.

Job Duties and Responsibilities

As a concrete worker, you primarily work on manufacturing and shaping concrete products. This can include everything from mixing concrete to pouring and shaping concrete in various forms and sizes. You will also work with machinery and tools specific to concrete work, requiring a good understanding of both machine technology and safety regulations.

Salary Statistics

According to the latest survey, the average salary for concrete workers is 33 800 kronor per month. Men earn an average of 33 900 kronor while women earn 32 800 kronor. This means that women earn 97% of what men do in the profession. It is also worth noting that the average salary has increased from 32 600 kronor to 33 800 kronor since last year, indicating a positive salary development in the field.

Education and Qualifications

To become a concrete worker, a high school education in the construction and civil engineering program, with a focus on concrete work, is usually required. There are also opportunities to pursue vocational college programs specializing in concrete work and concrete technology. Employers may also offer internal training and certifications to ensure that their employees have the necessary skills.

Conditions and Job Market

The job market for concrete workers is relatively stable, with a constant demand for skilled workers in the construction and civil engineering sector. If you are interested in working as a concrete worker, it is good to have a good physical condition and an eye for detail. Since the work can be physically demanding, it is also important to be aware of the importance of safety in the workplace.


Benefits may vary depending on the employer, but it is not uncommon for concrete workers to be offered paid training and certifications to update their skills. Some employers may also offer other benefits such as a company phone or transportation reimbursement depending on the location of the workplace.


If you are considering a career as a concrete worker, it is important to consider that the work can be both physically and technically demanding. Having a good understanding of construction technology and safety regulations is crucial. Additionally, being flexible and prepared to work on various types of construction projects, which may involve travel and varied work environments, can be advantageous.

Who has the highest salary?
The highest salary for a Concrete casters is 35900 kr. This salary belongs to a man working in the Privately employed officials with a post-secondary education, less than 3 years. The highest salary for a woman in this profession is 33000 kr.
Who has the lowest salary?
The lowest salary for a Concrete casters is 32800 kr. This salary belongs to a woman also working in the Multiple sectors. The lowest salary for a man in this profession is 33100 kr.
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Profession Concrete casters has the SSYK code 8114, which we use to match against the SCB database to obtain the latest salary statistics.

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Net salary
31 450
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