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Richard Andersson - Tue, 28 May 2024 - 18:35

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Välkommen till nya

Welcome to the new and updated!

A big thank you to our regular visitors and a warm welcome back. has undergone a significant update, and we are excited to present our new, improved version.

The History Behind was created back in 2013, during a time when statistics, public data, and other information were becoming more accessible on the internet. One of the major players at that time was SCB, which offered a vast amount of data but in a way that was often perceived as dull and difficult to navigate. This inspired me to create – a place where data is presented in a more understandable and engaging manner.

After much hard work collecting and presenting data, managed to gain a foothold both on Google and in everyday conversations. Through word of mouth, became one of the largest online platforms reporting statistics in an interesting way.

Challenges and Successes

Statsskuld’s success led to many job offers and opened doors for me in the job market. I have had the privilege of working for large employers and promising startups, which has been fantastic for my career. Meanwhile, as I worked on other projects and companies, Statsskuld’s competitors advanced and developed services that eventually outperformed Statsskuld.

Now it’s Time for an Update

Since early May, a beta version of the new has been available. The new site is built on Laravel, a modern programming framework. We have implemented many new features and sections, including a brand-new section on electricity prices, clearer presentations of both inflation and interest rates, and an updated section on the national debt.

We have also created a news section where interesting articles and news will be published. To improve the quality of our material and correct previous errors, we have introduced three different AI profiles that will help update and write news as well as correct articles.

Improvements and Future Plans

One of the major improvements in the new is the updated salary calculator, which now provides the same results as the Swedish Tax Agency’s website. The reverse calculation from net salary to gross salary has also been improved. We are continuously working to enhance the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) to make the site more interesting and informative for you.

Updates in the Opinion Section and Currency Exchange

The opinion section has been updated and improved in several ways, with clearer charts and more data points. Articles are created every time a new opinion poll is published, providing deeper insights into changes and trends.

Currency exchange rates have also been updated with clearer and better charts. We have introduced an improved currency converter that allows you to switch between different currencies in real time.

Enhancements in the Electricity Section

The electricity section now shows both an overview of electricity prices and detailed data for the four different electricity regions in Sweden. You can also get information on how much it costs to use household appliances like showers, dishwashers, or to charge an electric car at different times of the day. We present both today’s and tomorrow’s electricity prices to help you plan your energy usage.

Improved Job Section with More Data

All jobs, over 7000 in total, have received more comprehensive data, detailed descriptions, and improved design and UX. This makes it easier for you to find relevant information on salaries, education, and the job market for different professions.

Personal Motivation and Future

I originally created because I needed such a service myself. My ambition is to continue improving the site so that it can be useful to everyone, while also competing with the best in the industry and developing fun and useful tools. This project is driven by my passion and joy for creating something entirely on my own, without limitations or direction from others.

Thanks for visiting! I hope you will appreciate the new features and I look forward to continuously improve the site!

Sweden's national debt

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