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Specialists in simulation and AI

Publicerad: 2022-06-23 | Sista ansökningsdag: 2022-09-06 | Snittlön för Mjukvaruutvecklare ~46 500 kr | Anställningsform: Heltid

Are you a senior or junior specialist in simulation and computer graphics? Do you have experience of or great interest in vehicles, robotics or artificial intelligence? Algoryx is now approaching 30 employees and has grown steadily in recent years. We are now planning for a larger upscaling of the business and are therefore looking for one or more simulation and AI specialists for our strong team in Umeå. Welcome!

What do we offer at Algoryx?
As an employee of Algoryx, you get the opportunity to participate in international collaborations that are about everything from developing more environmentally friendly forest machines to building bases on the moon. We are a deep tech company at the forefront and offer good opportunities for personal development in both technology and human relationships.
Our work environment is flexible with the opportunity to combine homework with work at our office in Umeå. Therefore, we can also offer work at a distance from other places and countries. We work systematically with competence development and have a friendly and inclusive work environment. We organize regular social activities such as afterwork and outdoor activities and also work with digital team building. We are affiliated with the Technical Services Agreement, offer extended holidays, a weekly wellness hour during office hours, and a subsidized gold card at IKSU across the street.

About the position and the one we are looking for
We are looking for one or more senior or junior specialists in real-time simulation, interactive computer graphics, and artificial intelligence. We believe that you have a university degree or doctoral degree and competence in one of our core areas, modeling and physics-based simulation, real-time graphics, numerical methods, vehicle dynamics, robotics, control and regulation systems or artificial intelligence and machine learning.
At Algoryx, you get the opportunity to further develop your skills by developing and implementing simulation models as part of our products. You will also work closely with our customers with putting the solutions to good use, including training and deploying models for perception, planning, and control using machine learning. Eventually, you will shoulder an area of responsibility. You have great programming skills, preferably in C ++ and Python.
If you have a PhD in a relevant area, there are good opportunities to conduct research on Algoryx and publish scientific articles in collaboration with the many universities that we collaborate with. If you are interested in postgraduate education and are qualified, it may also be possible to do so within the framework of an industrial doctoral student position.
We therefore recruit widely and prioritize personal qualities over specialization, so do not hesitate to apply if it sounds interesting!

In this recruitment, we collaborate with OnePartnerGroup Umeå. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us; Senior recruiter Niclas Ericsson, [email protected], 073-4249958 or Andreas Lindqvist, [email protected], 073-4130611.

Union contact persons can be reached at [email protected]

Do not hesitate to apply as we take in interesting candidates on an ongoing basis in the process.

Welcome with your application!

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