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2023-07-19 - 2024-07-19 -0.03-1.44%

Currency Pair NOK/ZAR: Norwegian Krone against South African Rand

The currency pair NOK/ZAR represents the exchange rate between the Norwegian Krone (NOK) and the South African Rand (ZAR). This currency pair is of interest to both investors and travelers who want to understand how these two currencies relate to each other.

About Norwegian Krone (NOK)

The Norwegian Krone is the official currency in Norway and is known for its stability. Norway, with its strong economy and rich natural resources, especially oil and gas, has a currency that is often seen as a safe haven. The Norwegian Krone is therefore an important currency in the global market.

About South African Rand (ZAR)

The South African Rand is the official currency in South Africa. South Africa is known for its diversified economy, including mining, agriculture, and tourism. Despite some economic challenges, ZAR is an important currency in Africa and is often used as a reference point for other African currencies.

Convert NOK to ZAR

On our website, you can easily convert between Norwegian Krone and South African Rand. Follow these simple steps to perform a conversion:

  1. Enter the amount you want to convert.
  2. Select the base currency (NOK).
  3. Choose the target currency (ZAR).
  4. The conversion will happen automatically, and you will immediately receive the result.

In addition to NOK/ZAR, you can also convert between other currencies on the same page.

Historical Exchange Rates

To help you make informed decisions, we also provide charts with historical exchange rates for the currency pair NOK/ZAR. These charts give you an overview of how the exchange rate has changed over time, which can be useful for both investors and travelers.

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10.68 SEK +0.07 SEK
1.56 SEK +0.01 SEK
11.62 SEK +0.06 SEK
0.98 SEK +0.00 SEK
13.78 SEK +0.05 SEK
12.00 SEK +0.05 SEK