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Currency Pair USD/KRW: An Overview

The currency pair USD/KRW represents the exchange rate between the US Dollar (USD) and the South Korean Won (KRW). This currency pair is of great importance to both international investors and companies engaged in trade between the USA and South Korea. To understand the dynamics of this currency pair, it is important to be familiar with the basic characteristics of both currencies.

The US Dollar (USD)

The US Dollar, often abbreviated as USD, is the world's most widely used reserve currency and the primary currency in international trade. It is issued by the Federal Reserve (Fed) and used in the USA and many other countries as a standard currency for global transactions. The Dollar is known for its stability and reliability, making it a popular currency for investments.

The South Korean Won (KRW)

The South Korean Won, abbreviated as KRW, is the official currency of South Korea. It is issued by the Bank of Korea and used throughout the country for all types of transactions. The Won has undergone several changes since its introduction, and today it is an important currency in the Asian region, especially considering South Korea's strong economy and technological advancements.

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To facilitate currency exchange for those in need of converting between different currencies, our website offers a simple and efficient currency converter. Here is how you can use it:

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In addition to converting USD to KRW, you can also use our service to exchange between a variety of other currencies. A chart with historical figures for the currency pair is presented alongside the conversion, giving you a better understanding of the currencies' performance over time.


The currency pair USD/KRW is an important indicator of the economic relationship between the USA and South Korea. By understanding the basic characteristics of both the US Dollar and the South Korean Won, you can navigate the global economy more effectively. Use our currency converter to easily exchange between USD, KRW, and other currencies.

10.60 SEK -0.0025 SEK
1.55 SEK +0.00 SEK
11.56 SEK +0.00 SEK
0.98 SEK -0.0020 SEK
13.75 SEK 0.0000 SEK
11.85 SEK +0.01 SEK