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Currency Exchange Rates and Currency Pair TMT/NGN

Currency exchange rates are an important part of the global economy and affect everything from international trade to personal investments. In this article, we will focus on the currency pair Turkmenistani Manat (TMT) and Nigerian Naira (NGN). Both of these currencies have unique characteristics and are used within their respective nations for daily transactions and international trade.

Turkmenistani Manat (TMT)

The Turkmenistani Manat (TMT) is the official currency of Turkmenistan. It was introduced in November 1993, shortly after the country's independence from the Soviet Union. The Manat is divided into 100 tenge. The currency has undergone several reforms, including a revaluation in 2009, to stabilize the economy and combat inflation. Turkmenistan's economy is heavily dependent on natural gas exports, which also impacts the currency's value.

Nigerian Naira (NGN)

The Nigerian Naira (NGN) is the official currency of Nigeria and was introduced in 1973, replacing the former Nigerian pound. The Naira is divided into 100 kobo. Nigeria has a diversified economy with significant revenues from oil and agriculture. However, the currency has been subject to volatility due to political and economic factors, including fluctuations in oil prices.

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