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Currency Pair PHP/USD: Philippine Peso and US Dollar

The currency pair PHP/USD represents the exchange rate between the Philippine Peso (PHP) and the US Dollar (USD). This currency pair is of great importance to both investors and travelers who need to convert money between these two currencies.

Philippine Peso (PHP)

The Philippine Peso is the official currency of the Philippines. It is most commonly abbreviated as PHP and symbolized by ₱. The Philippines, a rapidly growing economy in Southeast Asia, has a diversified economy with strong sectors in agriculture, manufacturing, and services. The exchange rate of PHP is influenced by various factors such as the country's economic growth, inflation, and political stability.

US Dollar (USD)

The US Dollar, abbreviated as USD and symbolized by $, is the official currency of the United States and serves as the dominant reserve currency in the world. USD is used globally in international trade and financial transactions. Factors affecting the exchange rate of USD include US economic data, interest rates, and global geopolitical events.

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