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Currency Conversion: NOK to BDT

Introduction to NOK and BDT

The currency market offers a variety of currencies that can be converted to meet international business needs or personal purposes. In this article, we focus on the currency pair NOK (Norwegian Krone) and BDT (Bangladeshi Taka). On this page, you can easily convert between these two currencies and also other currencies through our user-friendly currency converter.

Norwegian Krone (NOK)

The Norwegian Krone, often abbreviated as NOK, is the official currency of Norway. It was introduced in 1875 and is one of the stronger currencies in the world, largely due to Norway's stable economy and abundant natural resources, especially in oil and gas.

Bangladeshi Taka (BDT)

The Bangladeshi Taka, abbreviated as BDT, is the official currency of Bangladesh. The Taka was introduced in 1972 after the country's independence from Pakistan. Bangladesh has a rapidly growing economy, driven by the textile industry and an expanding export sector.

How the Currency Converter Works

To convert between NOK and BDT, or other currencies, follow these simple steps:

  1. Enter the amount you want to convert.
  2. Select the original currency.
  3. Choose the target currency.
  4. The conversion will then take place automatically.

In addition to currency conversion, our service also provides a chart with historical figures for the currency pair, giving you a better understanding of the currencies' performance over time.


Whether you need to exchange money for business travel, international trade, or personal purposes, our currency converter offers a simple and efficient solution. By using our service, you can quickly and smoothly convert between NOK and BDT, as well as many other currencies. Feel free to explore and use our currency converter for your needs.

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