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Currency Pair ILS/BHD: Israeli Shekel and Bahraini Dinar

The currency pair ILS/BHD represents the Israeli shekel (ILS) and the Bahraini dinar (BHD). These two currencies are used in their respective countries and have their unique economic backgrounds and uses.

Israeli Shekel (ILS)

The Israeli shekel, often abbreviated as ILS, is the official currency of Israel and is also used in the Palestinian territories. Introduced in 1985, it replaced the old shekel due to hyperinflation. The shekel is divided into 100 agorot and is issued by the Bank of Israel. The Israeli economy is highly diversified with significant elements of high-tech industry, agriculture, and tourism, which is reflected in the currency's stability.

Bahraini Dinar (BHD)

The Bahraini dinar, abbreviated as BHD, is the official currency of Bahrain. Introduced in 1965, it replaced the Gulf rupee that was previously used. The dinar is divided into 1000 fils and is issued by the Central Bank of Bahrain. Bahrain's economy is heavily dependent on the oil and gas industry, but the country has also diversified its economic activities into finance, construction, and tourism.

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10.60 SEK -0.0025 SEK
1.55 SEK +0.00 SEK
11.56 SEK +0.00 SEK
0.98 SEK -0.0020 SEK
13.75 SEK 0.0000 SEK
11.85 SEK +0.01 SEK