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Currency Exchange Rates and the Currency Pair BDT/SVC

The currency market is a dynamic and constantly changing arena where different currencies are traded against each other. One of the many currency pairs being traded is BDT/SVC, representing the Bangladeshi taka (BDT) and the Salvadoran colón (SVC). To better understand this currency pair, let's take a closer look at each currency.

Bangladeshi Taka (BDT)

The Bangladeshi taka, abbreviated as BDT, is the official currency of Bangladesh. The taka was introduced in 1972 and has since played a central role in the country's economy. The Bangladesh Bank, the country's central bank, is responsible for the issuance and regulation of the taka. The currency is used in all aspects of daily life, from small purchases to large business transactions.

Salvadoran Colón (SVC)

The Salvadoran colón, abbreviated as SVC, was the official currency of El Salvador until the year 2001, when the country transitioned to using the United States dollar (USD) as its primary currency. Although the colón is still legal tender, it is rarely used in practice. The Salvadoran central bank, Banco Central de Reserva de El Salvador, still oversees the value of the colón.

Convert Between Currencies

On our website, you can easily convert between different currencies, including BDT and SVC. Our currency converter allows you to quickly and smoothly check current exchange rates and convert amounts following these steps:

  1. Enter the amount you want to convert.
  2. Select the original currency.
  3. Choose the target currency.
  4. The conversion will then happen automatically.

To provide you with a better understanding of the currency pair's performance over time, we also display a chart with historical figures for the BDT/SVC currency pair.


The currency pair BDT/SVC offers an interesting insight into two different economies, Bangladesh and El Salvador. Through our currency converter, you can easily convert between different currencies and access historical data to make informed decisions. Visit our website to use the currency converter and explore more currency pairs.

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