The statistical wage for Efterbearbetningsredaktör

37 000 kr

What is the salary After tax?

Wage statistics show gross monthly salary for one Efterbearbetningsredaktör within journalister.

* Statistically secured data from SCB

Wage forecast for 2019: ~37 300 kr

** The forecast indicates the expected wage situation today and is calculated on previous wage increases per year.

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Average wage Male Female Occupation Forecast
37 000 kr 37 700 kr 36 300 kr Hård konkurrens

Wage Efterbearbetningsredaktör

Get an income insurance

If you were to lose your employment, income insurance facilitates the A-box's maximum amount of just SEK 14 500.
Click income insurance union efterbearbetningsredaktör we show which trade union and income insurance is right for your profession.

Wage statistics based on education level

Samtliga sektorer Statlig sektor Privat sektor Privatanställda tjänstemän
36 800 kr 39 300 kr 36 800 kr 36 800 kr

Wage statistics based on the Sector

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