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Talent Acquisition Manager

Publicerad: 2021-10-26 | Sista ansökningsdag: 2022-04-14 | Snittlön för Rekryterare/Rekryteringskonsult ~43 300 kr | Anställningsform: Heltid

Talent Acquisition Manager to Alva Labs

Michael Scott of Dunder Mifflin might not be very fond of HR. Or to put it in his own words; “Every time I try to do something fun or exciting, you [Toby from HR] might it not that way. I hate so much about the things you choose to be.”

We think Michael is wrong. Perhaps not about Toby interfering with his so-called fun, but vastly wrong when it comes to the value of HR. In our mind, HR is everything. And out of all the important stuff HR does, hiring is THE most important thing. There are plenty of ways to impact performance, but none are as powerful as recruiting the right person to the right role.

Are you up for the joyride of working as a talent acquisition manager at a company that lives and breathes recruitment? Then join Alva’s HR crew and help us continue to build our fantastic organization!

The company
Alva Labs offers a SaaS solution that is helping global companies grow their team in a scientific way. Alva has created a unique candidate assessment platform that helps companies build their organizations with the right people in the right place. By combining state-of-the-art psychometrics, data science, and an obsession with candidate experience, it provides the needed tool for data-driven talent acquisition.

We are growing 2-3x per year and are in the exciting phase to launch Alva in new markets.

The role
As a TA at Alva you will be in charge of the full recruitment cycle. From writing job descriptions, sourcing, interviewing, building work sample cases together with the hiring manager, and being ready to dance the (for now non-official) “we-just-signed-a-great-new-hire-dance”. You will be hiring for all types of roles. We are tech-heavy but have a 50:50 ratio between commercial and tech.

We are still early days and there is a lot that needs to be built up within HR, so from time to time, we will want to borrow your head to explore everything related to talent management (attracting, selecting, developing, keeping, you name it). Plus, given that pretty much everything at Alva is about improving the way the world hires, you will get to work with some major recruitment nerds.

If you know us, you know we aren’t big on background. We focus more on the person. Sure, you will likely hit the ground running if you have worked with recruitment or HR before, but don’t stress over that. We will teach you all of our magic tricks! Personality-wise then? Well, we believe you will cross of some of the characteristics on this list:

- Structure & order is your middle name
- You enjoy meeting and interacting with new people
- Change isn’t always easy, but you embrace it like the true HR hero you are
- You are funny (well this one isn’t exactly linked to the job, but we have so much fun working together and would love to have a third musketeer to join or giggle fests)

Swedish isn’t a requirement for the role, our internal language is English and we have a lot of international candidates.

Your future colleagues
We are a team of 50 people, representing 16 different nationalities and a wide selection of professional backgrounds. And all of that is absolutely fantastic, but the true beauty is the trust and warmth you will experience. You will most likely never be as supported and have so many brilliant minds to learn from and ask for guidance. To quote our CEO during our last company trip, “It feels like hanging out with a bunch of old friends”.

What about the HR team, you might wonder? We thought you would never ask!! It is petite, but grand when it comes to result, heart and humor. Together with Minya ( and Linnea (, you will do great things!!

If you want to creep out on perhaps your future team (, fire away!

Why join Alva?
The problem we are solving is not just engaging and interesting (the combination of psychological science and statistics, with a large chunk of candidate experience obsession, what’s not to love?!), but it is also something that has a tremendous impact on both people and businesses. You will have the opportunity to work with something that truly makes a difference.

Our product is highly appreciated by our users and has made a tremendous impact on several HR and TA teams. Talent acquisition is our heart and soul, working as a recruiter here isn’t just working as a recruiter for any fast-growing tech scale-up. It is to be at the center of everything we do.

With 250+ customers, strong growth, happy users, and 150 000+ assessed candidates, there is a lot of greatness to build from. We are now entering an exciting phase of our company journey, where we are doubling down on new markets and an international expansion. The company and the team have grown a lot in the last couple of months (150% more customers, and 250% more employees during 2021… so far…). And we are just getting started! There will be so many opportunities to come grow with us.

Besides, we have flexible work hours, where you can decide for yourself what works best for you. You will get 7 weeks of vacation, an on-market salary, a generous preventive care benefit, and a few other neat perks. You can read all about our benefits here ( and our company values here (

The hiring process
Given that we claim to be experts in hiring, you probably wonder what we have in store for you (and what your future job might look like).

- Objective screening with Alva’s tests
- First interview with Minya
- Second interview with Linnea
- Case exercise
- Offer and toasts in bubbles!!
Come help us change the world of hiring (with hiring… this is so meta!)!

Welcome to Alva!

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