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Project Manager

Publicerad: 2018-05-08 | Sista ansökningsdag: 2018-06-07 | Lön: Further details about terms and conditions will be covered in employment contract. | Anställningsform: Tillsvidare/Heltid


The mission of IKEA Communication (ICOM) is to create and produce excellent communication that positions IKEA as a strong, unique and meaningful brand. We contribute to IKEA with global consumer centric and content driven communication. We strive for an agile way of working in an everlasting journey of developing the business. At ICOM we believe that our workplaces should be about people. They should be sustainable and reflect our values and needs, both in the physical and the virtual working environment. We believe that we perform, innovate, collaborate and meet our business goals in the best way when we are able to choose where, when and how we work.

Here it is. Your chance to bring your passion for communication and project mind-set to the most influential small town in the world.

Can you really reach out to the whole world, while working in a tranquil idyll in the middle of nowhere? In Älmhult you can. Älmhult, Sweden is home to IKEA Communications AB, aka ICOM. ICOM produces IKEA.com, which is visited around 2.3 billion times a year. We're also behind the IKEA catalogue with a yearly circulation of around 220 million copies. On top of that, we churn out a ton of content for social media, not to mention motion media and 3D work so cutting edge that it makes the folks in California sit up and take notice. So what happens in Älmhult definitely doesn't stay in Älmhult. It reaches practically every corner of the globe. 

Right now we're looking for a Project Manager. Someone who´s passionate about leading and implementing communication projects with a strategic and a holistic view. That someone with the ability and willingness to grow and succeed within ICOM and IKEA.

As Project Manager you will lead, manage and ensure the realization of high profile communication objectives, contributing to the continuous development of the ICOM Business and the IKEA brand. Always finding better ways to develop the business inspiring others in the everyday  life.

In the role you will:
Lead, negotiate and coordinate actions with all stakeholders to create and secure the scope of project; plan, costs, budget quotations, communication plan and required resources are clearly defined, clarified and communicated.
Take responsibility for the development of optimal lean processes, ways of working and the tools making our communication solutions easily accessible and available in the highest quality, in time and at the lowest cost.
Manage stakeholders, dependencies, sponsorships, collaboration and interfaces within and between projects, assignors, line organizations and/or matrixes, following up and ensuring their engagement through change management initiatives and communication activities.
Organize, lead and manage multi-cultural project teams, follow up on their performance and create preconditions that enables co-worker engagement, team spirit and togetherness.
Identify, monitor and analyses any key issues or risks that may affect stakeholder agreements or key performance indicators (be it in cost, quality or time), maintaining an open dialogue and communication flow of project status, changing prerequisites, deviations and end-result expectations.
Manage the procurement of internal/external resources and/or services connected to the project, taking responsibility over the administration of budgets, invoices, orders, purchases and inventory.
Be inclusive of the different co-worker perspectives, ensuring the purpose of their role is added in the decisions taken in the many groups they are part of.
Identify industry trends, insights and shared learnings that can be assimilated towards advancing further our competence expertise and market knowledge for future projects.
Develop and maintain an up-to-date external network of productions partners and sourcing of external resources.

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