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Continuous Integration Developer

Publicerad: 2021-04-12 | Sista ansökningsdag: 2021-05-31 | Snittlön för Mjukvaruutvecklare ~45 500 kr | Anställningsform: Heltid

At doWhile you will not only become part of a dedicated Continuous Integration and Automation Team. You will also become part of a community of people with an enormous drive and a high focus both on competence development and high performance, as well as part of a company with an unusually flat hierarchy and a belief that all "doWhilers" are first-class members of all company plans and improvements.

We have a saying, roughly "As a doWhiler, you always have doWhile for support", meaning you will always be able to "call in support" from other people in the company, not just the ones you happen to sit next to. You are not alone! If you know and love building large multi-faceted systems and want to help the world produce higher- quality software, you should keep reading!

We are looking for engineers with an interest in technology that goes beyond the 9-5, who enjoy discovering new solutions, languages, tools etc. that can solve problems in new and interesting ways.

If you have previous experience with open source, or "open-source-like" development we are especially interested as that is the way we prefer to work. Share and re-use whatever is possible.

We want someone who knows and follows good development practices such as code reviews, emergent design and modularization.

We are looking for developers with:
- Programming experience in Java or Python (competence in C++, C# and Go also welcome)
- Experience with test automation, build automation or continuous integration
- Excellent communication skills in English
- Knowledge of build automation and test automation frameworks such as Zuul, Robot etc. You will be part of a team building an end-to-end CI/CD system enabling automated builds, verification and delivery of a highly complex software- and hardware product.

Your work areas will include:
- Design and development of a modularized framework enabling CI/CD
- Interaction with users, suppliers and stakeholders all over the world
- Competence building of, and together with, other development teams and verification teams

Collaboration within the team, with other teams and with the entire organization in an "Inner Source" (open-source-like) way of working will be core to your work. The team is part of an agile organization but with high independence and control over its own working methods.

Your recurring tasks will include design of interfaces and modules, code reviews, scripting and automation of tasks, preparing and participating in workshops, requirement elicitation, maintenance of infrastructure etc. etc.

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