About Government Debt - Economy presented in an easy way!

Statsskuld.se is a unique collection page to help you with financial issues that arise in everyday life. For example, a move to another municipality can affect your net salary by thousands of dollars, in a case like this, our net salary calculator shows how much difference it will be in your wallet every month.

Since the start in 2013, we have helped with millions of financial decisions.

Ambition and plans

Our ambition is to help and awaken the interest of the reader; The idea is to present complicated information provided by several large institutions in an interesting and individualized way


Statsskuld.se aggregates data from Statistics Sweden, the Swedish Public Employment Service, the Swedish National Debt Office and some minor work portals.

Founder and Owner

Statsskuld.se was founded in 2013 and is managed by:
WebFinance Digital i Sverige AB
Corporate identity number 559162-0900.

The company receive commission for Any sales that are conveyed via the website.

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