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Parental benefits

Parental benefit is the benefit parents receive to be able to stay home with their children instead of working. It is paid out of a total of 480 days per child.

You can receive parental benefit until the child completed the first year of primary school. If your child is 8 years after graduation, you can take out parental benefits until the day the child is 8 years.

How many days do you get?

In cases of joint custody, you who are parents entitled to 240 days of parental benefit. Of these 60 days with sickness benefit level reserved for each one of you. If you have sole custody, you are entitled to all 480 days.

Multiple birth you will have an additional 180 days for each additional child. Multiple birth both parents can be home at the same time and receive parental benefits.

Parental benefits can be paid as full, three-quarter, half, a quarter or an eighth benefit. How much parental benefit you can take per day depends on how much you work in relation to the normal hours for a full-time worker in the profession.

Home simultaneously - two days

During the first year both parents can receive parental benefit for the same days. Those days are called double days.

Parents can at most take out double 30 days. Remember that double days do not give any extra parental benefit days. This means that if both of you are at home, then you take out the two days, one for each parent. After the baby is one year old, only one parent at a time, take out parental benefit.

You can only take out double days of your combined 240 days of parental leave and not from the 60 days are reserved. This means that if one parent waives all days to the other parent so he or she can not take out double days.

To take out double days, both you and the other parent to apply for double days for the same dates and the same degree. You are applying for two days on My Pages or you can call us, then we will send home a form that you fill in. If the other parent has already applied for ordinary parental benefit for the same day he or she must announce to us that the days will be double days. Easiest way to inform us is changing to dual days in my pages, but he or she can also submit the form or call and tell us which days will be double days.

The days that you take out double days do not give the right to equality bonus. This means that for parents who have twins, it may be more beneficial to take out parental benefits for the respective children instead of taking out double days.

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